An NFT Project

Encouraging a Brighter Future Based on the Solana Blockchain

We want to welcome YOU to the ROWDY KNIGHTS CLUB!!! The main focus of the Rowdy Knights Club (RKC) is self development.

We want to help transform our members into modern day knights in shining armor! And for our members that are already killing it in the real world, we want to make that armor shine even more!

We plan to do this by bringing in top professionals from fields that include but are not limited to health, sports, music, business, financing, crypto, stock trading, real estate and fitness.
RKC members will be able to vote on what topics they want covered and what professionals they want to present via video or in person events.
Once votes are tallied, we will reach out to the best available professionals and have the event organized. Only owners of an RKC NFT, has the right to vote. Anyone can view content brought forth by our holders.


Rarity and Traits

Check out the traits and rarity percentage of each drop. There will be a total of 3 to 5 drops. A list of the rarity and percentage will be given before each drop occurs.



Community of Experts

Once the first round sells out, we will have in online events hosting real world experts across the board in finance, real estate, investing, fitness, stock trading, music , sports, fitness and more! Everyone can view our web content, but only holders get to vote.

Community Directed

Our community will allow Rowdy Knight holders to submit ideas, helping to choose which content will appear on the site and what features should get added to the site. Only they will be allowed to vote on these topics. This will decide the future growth of the site and platform.

Giving Back

We are giving back to charities that accept crypto. A list of charities will be created for our members and then voted on. The elected charities will be given 5 to 10% crypto donations of initial sales for each drop.


The Timeline

of Our Project

1st Round Drop
late summer/early fall 2022

The first drop will consist of 4,000 Rowdy Knight NFTs.

Rowdy Video Platform
fall 2022 (under development)

A website featuring video presentations, holder voting and a global audience.

Philanthropic Goals
fall 2022

Another primary focus of RKC is giving to charity. A crypto-friendly charity will also be voted on by the community and a percentage of the initial sales will be donated to the elected charity. The amount given to the elected charity will be shared at the end of each round after it sells out. Not enough projects are donating to charities to help make a difference in society, and we want to change that!

First Webinars
early fall/winter 2022

After our first round has sold out, we will ask our community what professionals they want covered in our first online event. From there, RKC admins will search for professionals within that field. A list of candidates will be given to the community and from there the community will choose.

Castle in the Metaverse
late 2023

We also want to bring our castle at the top of the website into the metaverse! We want the castle to be a common area amongst RKC members, so we can have meetings and networking events with various professionals and other people of interest! The castle development will begin after all 11,111 knights have been sold. The castle will be added to the website soon.


Frequently Asked Questions

4,000 will be minted in the first round. Once certain objectives are achieved, then the next round will be released.

Join our discord and click the following links to sign up for discord and whitelist.


The ability to vote, influence the community and attend in-person events.

It depends on the rarity and traits the knight has.


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